The Israel Innovation Fund, through its flagship program Wine on the Vine, is proud to highlight the causes that work to innovate and enrich the land and society of the State of Israel. You may donate to any of these projects, or all of them through the TIIF Index, on our Donate page.

The Holocaust Survivors Fund

Thousands of Holocaust survivors live below the poverty line in Israel. The State helps, but it is often not enough for them to pay even their most basic bills. The Holocaust Survivor Fund is in touch with survivors and learns their specific needs. In some cases, your donations will go directly to help with the medical needs of survivors such as medications and eyeglasses. In other situations, the donations go directly to survivors themselves to help pay for their water and electricity bills. The Fund also organizes and hosts Shabbat and holiday meals in which survivors get together with other families to enjoy a warm, family experience.


Since the beginning of the 1980’s the State of Israel has rescued and brought to 10,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Their assimilation into modern Israeli society has been challenging, facing higher rates of poverty and lower rates of educational achievement than other Jewish communities in Israel. The ENP strives to provide social and educational opportunities to help Ethiopian-Israeli teenagers realize their full potential. ENP programs take a “big picture” view of the cultural, social and emotional challenges faced by Ethiopian-Israeli teens that constrain their advancement. Today, the Ethiopian National Project operates in 23 communities across Israel, serving approximately 3,413 young people in its academic assistance programs and almost 1,900 youth in 14 outreach centers.


ELEM works to transform the lives of troubled youth. Today in Israel, 350,000 children face poverty, neglect, and violence as a part of daily life. In 43 cities, Elem provides counseling, mentoring, vocational training and a safe space for Israeli youth to envision a positive future for themselves and become productive members of Israeli society. Without waiting for referrals to treat these youth, ELEM seeks them out on the streets, in schools, the Internet and at bars and nightclubs. 125,000 people annually reach out to ELEM each year face tremendous challenges, such as domestic violence, substance abuse, neglect, bullying, homelessness, and prostitution. ELEM works with secular and religious Jews; Christian and Muslim Arabs including Bedouins; immigrants, including those from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia; and the LGBT community. Many live on the streets, and most of them will not seek help from traditional social service groups.


Most college students today don’t know that Israel is a free country for all faiths, races, and genders. This campaign of short easily digestible I AM ISRAEL videos aims to inform today’s college students. These videos will give Israelis a chance to share their unique stories and their diverse backgrounds. By personalizing Israelis we aim to break down the stigma and myths surrounding discussions about Israel on campus. An accompanying website will include more information about the real Israeli featured in the films and ways to get involved in combating lies about Israel on campus.

Mavoi Satum

A non-profit that provides legal, emotional, psychological, support to women and empowerment training who have been refused a Jewish divorce (get), simultaneously engaged in finding a solution to the problem of divorce refusal in the State of Israel. One out of every five Jewish women in Israel is unable to exit her marriage freely. Jewish law (Halakhah), supported by Israeli law, gives absolute authority over marriage and divorce to the religious courts. This empowers men to be the sole executors of the divorce process, leaving women vulnerable to extortion, manipulation, and abuse. Thousands of such women are confined for extended periods of time, even decades, in a state of limbo and unable to rebuild their lives.


A joint grassroots Palestinian and Israeli project, founded to further the work life of Rabbi Menachem Froman of blessed memory. A team of international supporters facilitates their work on the ground,  who come from diverse life and career paths and a spirit of compassion unites them all. Roots holds many ongoing programs, often working within the heart of the conflict to address victimhood and suspicion with trust, empathy, dialogue, and mutual support. TIIF believes human interaction is the first agent to transformation, and Roots’ initiatives focus on creating the spaces and activities for such personal engagement to those who have endured the embers of conflict.


Sports have an unparalleled ability to transcend barriers of language, politics, and religion, and is a proven powerful tool for promoting tolerance, cross-cultural relationships and ultimately, peaceful coexistence. The ITC aims to alter negative perceptions while instilling positive ones, through joint sporting activities held for Jewish, Arab, Druze, and Bedouin children. This grassroots, bottom-up approach allows average Israeli citizens to lead the way towards peaceful coexistence in Israel and the entire Middle East. By promoting equality and tolerance instilling hope in today’s young people during turbulent times.

Baseball L’kulam

Baseball Le’Kulam (Baseball for All) is a program that aims to bring Jewish Israeli and Arab Israeli children together to play baseball and learn about one another. The program is a joint effort between the Israel Association of Baseball and Play Global an organization that teaches baseball to coaches and youth in developing countries and areas of conflict.

The Israel Project

The Israel Project (TIP) is a non-partisan American educational organization dedicated to informing the media and public conversation about Israel and the Middle East. TIP is the only organization dedicated to changing people’s minds about Israel through cutting-edge strategic communications.

Innovation Africa

This organization brings Israeli solutions and know-how to those in need living in rural African villages. They use solar energy to pump clean water and provide schools, orphanages and medical clinics with light and refrigeration to store vaccines and medicines. In the past 9 years, Innovation: Africa has brought Israeli solar and agricultural technologies to villages in seven African countries – with over 140 projects impacting the live of nearly one million people.

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