Our Projects

Wine on the Vine (WOTV): A Physical Connection to Israeli Culture and the Holy Land

Wine on the Vine is a revolutionary new online fundraising tool for the Jewish, Israeli and pro-Israeli nonprofit
world. By integrating customisable, secure WOTV webpages, our partners generate revenue by offering the ability
to plant vines in Israel for $18 per vine, establishing a (literally) rooted and tax-deductible contribution to the
development of the land, and assist in the rebirth of Israel’s ancient traditions of winemaking.
Profits from the sales are divided between TIIF and the non-profit partners or in the case of direct sales through
TIIF, with local Israeli nonprofits we have selected for patronage. Additional revenue will come from selling the
“lifestyle” of Israeli wine, through associated sale of high-end art photography, wine accessories, events and
more. WOTV has already secured partnership arrangements with six top wineries, a number of charitable
organizations and a major U.S. nonprofit that will act as a sales force. We are currently completing beta-testing of
the platform , with a major rollout in early 2018.

What If? Studios (WIS): Cutting-Edge Video Production

What If? Studios uses film to tell diverse global audiences the most compelling possible stories of creativity and
passion from Israel. The goal is to bring viewers powerful stories that open a window to the Israel of today, and
give our viewers a window into the future that they wouldn’t find in routine media reporting. Let by former chief
producer for Israel’s Channel 2 and i24 Osher Etz-Haim, WIS offers an array of video-based projects ranging from
full-length documentaries to viral videos.

Our first major project (in post-production) is Holy Plant, Holy Land. This 52-minute documentary shows the
brilliant medical research carried out in places like Hebrew University of Jerusalem on THC, the active ingredient
in marijuana, and its potentially revolutionary impact on the lives of tens of millions around the world suffering
from diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Other projects in production include What If? -a series of short
videos of leaders from across Israel’s political spectrum articulate their personal, heartfelt dreams for the world at
large- and a series on the life of Theodor Herzl.

Zionist Wallpaper Project (ZWP): Transforming Israel’s urban fabric

The Zionist Wallpaper Project will generate public art that transforms neighborhoods across Israel in ways that
resonate with the local community and physically manifest a Zionist theme. ZWP will create powerful murals and
other pieces that add artistic, social and financial value, while building Israel’s burgeoning arts scene and
strengthening the movement.
Acting as a connector, ZWP will help cutting edge Israeli ‘outsider’ artists from Tzfat to Neve Tzedek, to Ein Kerem
to the Negev establish an organic connection with communities, public authorities and private property owners to
to (a) gain specific high-visibility locations to create and display their art and (b) generate the exposure these
artists need to reach a larger audience. Revenues will come from activities such as sales of prints and lithographs
of the artists work.