One thing has been constant in Israel for over 3,500 years of history. Empires came and went, cities rose and fell, but wine has been ever present.  Israel has one of the oldest traditions of wine making and has played a central all important yearly and lifecycle events in Jewish civilization, including taking up a large space in the Talmud as a topic of debate.

The modern Israeli wine industry is adding an astonishing new chapter to that history. Wine on the Vine aims to connect people from all over the world to Israel in a physical way, almost as if the vines are a bridge between Israel and the rest of the world. Donors will be able to purchase grapevines to be planted in one’s honor in an Israeli Vinyard. By giving people the opportunity to buy a grapevine in Israel, they will help Israel keep  on the cutting edge of technology and innovation in winemaking and agricultural fields. Money from the purchase of the vines will also be donated to an array of charities helping all sectors of Israeli society in innovative ways.  This initiative also aims to break down barriers.  Wine isn’t a political issue, giving people an image of Israel that is more than just the Israeli/Palestinian conflict breaks down taboos and can make wine a tool of peacemaking and diplomacy.

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